.223 High Quality Brass Cartridge Laser Bore Sighter Red Sight Boresighter Batteries Included

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Spent Shells Bore Sight.223 RemingtonUnlike other laser bore sighting systems that insert into the muzzle of the firearm, these are precisely engineered to fit into the chamber, ensuring exact and consistent laser alignment with the bore.

Save time, money and frustration. You'll be bore sighted and ready for live fire fine-tuning. You also can use this handy tool to check your zero after transporting your firearm to the range or hunting ground.

Use the handgun versions to practice drawing and getting on target quickly. Sighting in your firearm has never been easier. Convenient, accurate and easy. If you feel like your firearm isn't quite hitting the mark like it used to, don't replace...re-calibrate!

All you have to do is chamber the unit as though it were a round, and a red laser dot will show you exactly where your aim will land the shot. Be sighted in within minutes.

How to use:Turn on the bore sight by turning bottom of bore sighter clockwise.Load the laser into the chamber as if it was a normal round.Place the dot on a target downrange.

Align your sights cross hairs or dot with the projected spot. From there, you can adjust your scope or sights without ever wasting ammo!

Turn off bore sighter by turning bottom of unit counter clockwise until dot no longer appears, or take out batteries completely for longest battery life.


Wave Length: 650nm

Battery: (3) AG5

Battery Life: 1 hour maximum

Best Range for Sighting: 20-30 yards

Dot Size: 2 @ 100 yards

Operation: On/Off End Cap

Construction: Brass

Power: Less than 5mW

Battery Information: Battery life ranges in bore sighters. One may have a maximum use of 15 minutes, while the next may last 1 hour. There is no way to tell how long it will last. The Manufacturer give a battery life of 15 minutes. We have personally tested these and have gotten an average of 45 minute usable battery life. The batteries used are readily available on Amazon if you feel the need to purchase more.