3D Cube Archery Target 18-Sided High Density Self Healing XPE Outdoor Reusable

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Name: Archery Polyhedral Target 3D High Density Self Healing Foam CUBE 38x38x38 Green
Model: SKU734026
Material: XPE
Color: Black + Green
Size: (L)X(W)X(H) 38X38X38cm/14.96''X14.96''X14.96''(appr.)

1) Come with 18-sided shooting for increased target life.
2) Sturdy, durable, moistureproof, rain-proof, easy to set up.
3) Made of XPE material, long life, non-toxic, odor free, eco-friendly.
4) It will not be losing its shape or integrity after one arrow after another.
5) The arrows is easy to be pulled out which gives you less fatigue and better practice.
6) It won't be fall down as the coming of impact force and you can sit on the archery target.
7) Multi-Layered density design for stopping arrows with friction not force allowing for easy arrow removal.
8) Can roll on the ground, place on a flat surface or hang on the walls or trees so that you can shoot anywhere without the limitation of place.
9) The field point target constructed with rapid self healing XPE foam, which can return to the original state easily, maintains its integrity maximally for years of fierce shooting.

1) It can withstand the impact of the arrow is 30 pounds or less.
2) Use distance: 5m, 8m, 10m and 18m (According to the user's proficiency)

Package?included: 1 Pcs Archery Target